Through the ingenuity and leadership of the Hon. Municipal Chief Executive, Alhaji Umar Babs Bodinga, the Assembly showed leadership in driving the tourism agenda of the municipality during the 2023 Ohum festival.

The Ohum Festival is celebrated by the Akyems to thank the creator for blessing their land with such a magnificent river (Birim). The products from the Akyems land and river are symbols which are used to remember their ancestors who struggled and persevered to keep the society intact. The festival is celebrated in two parts: The Ohumkan and the Ohumkyire. The Ohumkan which happens to be the major event is celebrated throughout the week to which the ban on the noise making had been lifted particularly on Tuesday. Which usually occurs during the month of October. Prior to it celebration, a two week ban on noise-making is imposed on all the communities under the traditional jurisdiction.

The Ohum festival is celebrated with the chief and people of Akyem Tafo and its environment visiting the Gyempremo shrine to perform rituals and make sacrifices to the deity. It is believed that when you fall to the ground while going to the Gyempremo, you will not live to see the end of the year also the chief is the last person to cross the Gyempremo River. During the festival the descendants pledge to continue the tradition, to keep Okyeman strong and free with peace and prosperity. They then pledge allegiance to their King (Okyehene) and their sub-chiefs and elders for their leadership and guidance. Legend has it that any person who trips and falls on the return journey from the Gyempremo shrine will not live to see the new year. On the Ohum Tuesday, it is forbidden to make any noise including the pounding of fufu, the main staple diet of the Akan people till dusk.


To promote this festival and make it attractive to tourists worldwide, the Abuakwa North Municipal Assembly led by the Hon. Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Alhaji Umar Babs Bodinga did not only participate in the events but also supported Nananom with a number of items and cash donations.


MCE expressing the relevance of celebrating the festival. MP. Hon. Gifty Twum-Ampofo donating gift to some families 

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