The Abuakwa North Municipal Assembly in collaboration with Zoom Lion Ghana organized a clean – up activity at the Osiem lorry station on Saturday, 9th September, 2023.  Dignitaries that attended the clean-up exercise include: The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Alhaji Babs Bodinga, The Municipal Coordinating Director, Mr. John Ankrah, Hon. Assembly Members, Heads of Department/Units, staff and some of youth from the Osiem town.

 Hon. Alhaji Babs Bodinga thanked the youth for attending the clean – up activity. He advised them to keep the surroundings clean and it was very important for the Municipal Assembly to organize this exercise regularly for the Municipality to be clean. He also assured the people that, the exercise would be carried out regularly. He urged the youth to stay focus and never give up in life.

The Municipal Coordinating Director, Mr. John Ankrah also thanked the staff of the Assembly for a successful clean-up exercise. He also urged the Municipal Assembly to keep up the good work. He advised the youth to be focused in life and content with whatever they had while working hard to build a better future for themselves. He told them to avoid negative activities in life.

The Presiding Member, Hon. Asare Gyekye expressed his gratitude to the Municipal Assembly. He assured the youth to do their best to serve the elderly and the country at large. He told the young ladies to maintain a good personal hygiene. He also advised the young ladies to avoid teenage and unwanted pregnancies.

The youth of Osiem expressed their appreciation to the management of the Municipal Assembly because it was very educative.   


                Community members working together with the Assembly staff

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